mercredi 23 janvier 2008

Vast Aire - Look Mom...No Hands [2004]

Album: Look Mom...No Hands
Artist: Vast Aire (from Cannibal Ox)
Length: 71:12
Label: Chocolate Industries

1 Intro (His Majesty's Laughter)
2 KRS-Lighty (feat. S.A. Smash)
3 Peagusus
4 Candid Cam (Live Wetlands 1996)
5 Viewtiful Flow
6 Zenith (feat. Blueprint)
7 Why'sdaskyblue?
8 Da Supafriendz (feat. MF Doom)
9 Poverty Lane 16128 (Skit)
10 Elixir (feat. Sadat X & Sinclair)
11 Look Mom...No Hands
12 9 Lashes (When Michael Smacks Lucifer)
13 Posse Slash (feat. Karniege, Breez Evahflowin', Poison Pen & Aesop Rock)
14 Could You Be?
15 Outro: 12 Noon
16 Life's Ill Pt. II (The Empire Striketh) (feat. Breezly Brewin'& Vordul Mega)

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